FairPlayUSA Adds More Voices of Reason to Their Cause

Fair Play USAFairPlayUSA Adds More Voices of  Reason to Their Cause

FairPlayUSA has enlisted a former F.B.I. Dir. to its ranks this week. As the FairPlayUSA campaign trudges on and fights for regulating poker online, it has also collected other important members of influence such as the former Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Ridge.

US Online Poker Market

Former F.B.I. Dir., Louis Freeh commented that his involvement with the organization is to improve the “wild-west” environment surrounding poker online & bringing it to a point of regulation, legalisation and safety. The mantra of FairPlayUSA has been that of the failure of online gambling laws and the black market that has been created around it. In the unregulated US poker online market, which still exists despite attempts to squelch it; US customers are simply not protected legally or financially in the case of fraud.

Many have drawn comparisons between the legalisation of poker online and online gambling to the battle that proponents for the legalisation of drug use and the sale of drugs (predominantly Marijuana), have been facing for years in the US. Essentially the arguments are the same – There’s a subculture which has been deemed illegal for the safety of those that want to participate in that subculture with very little substantiating factors to the supposed ill effects to the main culture. Not allowing poker online to be legal has created an illegal industry in the US that has neared around 6B. It could be easily speculated that the drug industry has probably surpassed that figure and at the very least, matched it.

Regulation of Online Gambling

Regulation of online gambling would seem to be the answer. In every attempt to prohibit the predominate vices, the US has only managed to create more crime which is often the very thing that these laws are proposed to prevent.

By creating an enforceable environment for poker online in the United States, it would not only protect the consumer from fraudulent activities, but it could also create new employment opportunities in that regulation and enforcement. FairPlayUSA continues to gather voices of reason and they very well may see their accomplishments to fruition in the very near future as their momentum continues.

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