European Gambling, a Nearby Holiday

European GamblingEuropean Gambling, a Nearby Holiday

When you think of European casinos, more than likely Monte Carlo comes to mind. But casinos are not only in Monaco, but scattered throughout the European continent. Germany, the UK and France have 500 casinos among them. Spain has about 40 casinos. Italy, Belgium, Austria and Holland also have casinos.

Casinos have a long history in Europe. The Casino Baden-Baden, Germany opened in 1809 while the Principality of Monaco’s first casino, Casino de Monte Carlo, opened in 1863.

Casino Holiday

Many casinos in Europe are not as casual as those in the United States. For example, the Casino Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain does not allow tennis shoes or open-toed beach sandals, or torn jeans, capris, t-shirts, shorts or beachwear. Others require a sports coat, while some allow casual dress, as long as the clothing is neat. T-shirts and muscle-shirts are usually not allowed.

Casino Metropol

Want to go somewhere a little outside the norm? Travel to Moscow. The best and safest casinos there are attached to hotels. The Casino Metropol, a part of the Hotel Metropol. One night at the luxury hotel will set you back about $450 each night. But be prepared – business attire is required.

To enter a casino, you must be 18 – no exceptions. There are even some casinos, like the Clermont Club in London, that require you apply for membership 24 hours in advance. Most of the casinos are open 24 hours. Most have a low-bet limit of $25. Slot machines are also available in almost all of the casinos, along with video poker.

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