European Commission Receives Response from the EGBA

Black market fears in EU Gaming MarketEuropean Commission Receives Response from the EGBA

The Green Paper about online gambling was published today and with it some criticisms and some kudos followed. The European Gaming and Betting Association commented on some key points of the Green Paper. The EGBA stated that the commission is putting the right amount of emphasis on the protection of customers from fraud and responsible gaming. However, the EGBA feels that the Commission is not doing enough to produce policies for national regulation in the internal market.

Online Gaming Market in Europe

The EGBA fears that even as a € 9.08 billion market, the online gaming market in Europe is in peril of going the way of black market operations which will be a massive drain on finances. The EGBA has a very good point here because in the French Market alone, National licensing burdens are driving providers into shady operations to avoid unfair mark ups.


Sigrid Ligné , Secy. Gen. for the EGBA welcomed the Green Paper as a means to generate discussions on some very important matters. Ligné’s concerns are that the Green Paper is more focused on National interests when an overall EU approach needs to be taken and feels that the Commission should be pursuing Member States that are violating EU laws regarding online gambling.

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