EuroMillions Jackpot Lottery

lottery-numbersLottery Fever is certainly spreading like wild fire in the United Kingdom following the revelation by newsagent that the tickets are available as of now for the EuroMillions jackpot.

This EuroMillions jackpot lottery will have an outstanding jackpot of one hundred and forty eight million British pounds and the ticket is only going to cost 221 cents. This led to a lotto fever to spread across the United Kingdom as residents of the UK are buying lottery tickets for this EuroMillions jackpot like crazy with hopes to win big bucks.

In this jackpot, one single lucky winner can win the second biggest EuroMillions jackpot until this date. The prize pool of the jackpot was capped at one hundred and ninety million Euros which means that the lucky winner who has the winning ticket can win the entire jackpot of one hundred and forty eight British pounds.

Commenting in this increase and surge in the sales of the lottery tickets, a shop assistant stated that there is a noticeable increase in the numbers of bought tickets. She added that as soon as the lottery reaches a substantial amount of money, people start buying tickets to get a chance to win.

If no ticket holders are able to match all of the 5 umbers and 2 lucky stars, then the prize will roll down to 5 numbers and only lucky star. The last time that happened, 7 winners from the United Kingdom won an outstanding 6.7 million British pound each.

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