Emerging Markets Will Change the Way Gambling Customers are Treated

Gambling News CasinosEmerging Markets Will Change the Way Gambling Customers are Treated

In a recent study released by Ernst & Young, out of 1400 global executive respondents, 71% stated that innovation will be the key to business survival. 61% of executives see their brand and reputation of their company as a highly important component in competing.

Online Casinos Working Hard

These attitudes are already manifesting themselves in the way that online casinos are working to keep their customers happy while also trying to bring in new clientele. The number one way that online casino companies will respond to increased competition is by offering new incentives and developing innovative ways to pique the interest of customers.

Brand loyalty is especially important. Full Tilt Poker for instance, now falls short in the brand reputation aspect of this new era of competition. Once a name has been sullied in the casino industry, it has been shown that it takes at least four years for the brand to recover any of its former glory.

Large Bonuses

Full Tilt Poker may see their own demise as other casinos play off that company’s short comings, in order to bolster customer loyalty in the advertising casino. Mud slinging and large bonuses may be the arsenal that online casinos will start to use just to compete with other emerging online casinos.

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