Effects of Gambling

Effects of Gambling

There is a lot of publicity regarding gambling, both positive and negative.  Many of us can’t get away from advertising promoting the fun that can be had at a casino, or the excitement from making a wager on the outcome of a sporting event.  For the vast majority of us the idea of having a quick bet is simply a bit of fun and the consequences are no more than winning or losing a little money in the name of entertainment; it doesn’t become more serious than that.  However, for some, gambling becomes an addiction and the effects can be extremely severe.

There are reports of increases in crime close to casinos, including a rise in drug usage, child abuse, and suicide.  No-one wants to see these kinds of effects from what is supposed to be a form of entertainment, and with the prevalence of online gambling there is a question about the risk of an increase in crime rate in general.  For those who can gamble in moderation and within their means there is absolutely no problem;  however for those encouraged to get out of their depth through betting there can seem little option than to resort to crime to fund the addiction.

The increase in social stress that this produces goes on to have far reaching effects and for those lucky enough to make a win the advertising of this win encourages others to have a go and increases the likelihood of persuading a potentially addictive personality to try betting and the ripple effect continues.  In addition, anyone who is lucky enough to win at a gambling establishment is tempted to continue gambling in pursuit of another win.  However, the odds of winning again at the same game become lower as the player continues to play because over time the house will always take its edge to stay profitable.

If you want to try gambling please remember that done in moderation it can be fun, however no one should ever consider wagering more they can afford to lose.

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