Des Plaines Bid Gets Final Illinois Casino License

Des Plaines Bid Gets Final Illinois Casino License

Every now and then a curveball can be thrown the way of the gambling industry at large and that is exactly what happened with the recent awarding of a casino license within the state ofIllinois. In fact, it can quite easily be said that two of the bidders had all of the resources in the world at their disposal in comparison to the third bidder and in spite of that the third bidder still ended up getting the license when all was said and done. When the committee in charge of gambling regulation inIllinoissat down to discuss the different bids that had been submitted, three finalists emerged as being the types of people that the state was interested in doing business with. However, in a move that shocked many in the casino world, the regulatory board eventually decided to go with the bid for a casino in Des Plaines near the world famous O’Hare Airport instead of the bids that were in Waukegan and Rosemont, both of which were higher in terms of the actual amount of money being bid than the bid for Des Plaines.

Highest Bid

So, why did theDes Plainesbid end up winning despite being the smallest one in a system that usually tends to see things go to the highest bidder or the second highest bidder if there is a serious reason to disqualify the highest one?  Well, the scandal involving the Illinois Governor could be looked to as being the single biggest reason for that happening. The scandal was big and made headline news all around the world. At one point, President Elect Barack Obama was even dragged into the mire as being associated with the Governor’s attempt to sell the vacant senate seat that Obama was leaving in order to become the President of theUnited States. When the dust settled it turned out that the President Elect was cleared of charges of wrong doing, but at the same time the state ofIllinoishad a magnifying glass on it and that completely changed the way in which the rest of the government operated.

 Ethical Issues

In a reversal that is a very good indication of how seemingly unrelated events can end up affecting each other in ways that nobody could possibly foresee, the business with the Governor also ended up causing the panel in charge of awarding the casino license to take a closer look at any ethical issues that might crop up with the three finalists that had been picked for the coveted license. Because of these additional investigations, three members of the panel decided to switch their votes from the highest bidder to the lowest because of perceived ethical problems that the highest and second highest bidders might run into at some point in time. The last thing the state ofIllinoisneeds right now is additional scandal and keeping that in mind the five member panel voted 3-1 with one abstaining to award the license to theDes Plainesbid. Because of that, the O’Hare Airport area of the state will soon be getting its very own land-based casino.

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