DC has a Few More Hurdles Before Online Gambling

US Government Online Gambling LawsDC has a Few More Hurdles Before Online Gambling

Public meetings are now scheduled in DC from 16 August to 14 September to discuss the hot topic of the regulation of online gambling. These dates coincide with the slated roll out of the program that was passed back in December.

Online Gambling in the District of Columbia

Residents of the District of Columbia will have access to online gambling sites that will be regulated by the State. The beginning of the program will limit that access to what are being referred to as hot spots. Those hot spots will be assigned locations in restaurants, hotels and other businesses throughout DC.

Gambling Locations

The meetings will be a forum to address any issues that may affect DC residents such as the possibility of increased crime and traffic in areas around the assigned gambling locations. Even though one council member proposes to repeal the bill that is making it all possible; the majority sees everything going without a hitch.

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