Curtail In Online Gambling In Turkey with a Renewed Drive

There have been legal penalties proposed for the Turkish citizens that bet through illegal online websites.  The government of Turkey is fed up with the lack of success of getting rid of illegal online gambling throughout the last five years is set to renew a plan that includes legislation setting up disciplinary actions and giving power to law enforcement agencies to punish players via the anti-player laws of Washington-state.  The Hurriyet paper is reporting this initiative is starting with new laws being passed banning illegal offshore website betting, along with disciplinary actions geared towards players and operators alike.

Punters that are filling in bet coupons through websites that are unlicensed will be required to pay high fines from 100,000 to 500,000 Turkish Liras as stated by the draft law.  There will not be any lengthy sentencing for “intermediaries.”  The financial institutions that are used for the money transfers by the illegal gambling sites will be punished under these new laws also that will be put in place by the Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK).  The Telecommunication Communications Agency (TIB) will be required to release IP address information for the illegal gambling sites.

Prevention of using credit and debit cards for illegal betting will also be the responsibility of the BDDK.  It would seem that marketers that are affiliated will also be pursued as the draft laws are making provisions for prosecuting the ones acting as middlemen making it possible for Turkey residents to gain access to online sports betting overseas along with those responsible for the illegal money transfers.  Promotion and advertising sites responsible for illegal online gambling sites will also feel the effects of these new laws.  Jail time for one to three years is the penalty.

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