Congressman Speaks Out in Favor of FairPlayUSA

Fair Play USACongressman Speaks Out in Favor of FairPlayUSA

New York Republican Congressman Michael Grimm applauded FairPlayUSA, a coalition formed to fight illegal gambling.  Mr. Grimm is a former FBI agent and as such had experience in the battle against illegal gambling in the United States.  The Congressman went on to say that the efforts to create a “strong regulatory framework” against illegal online gambling sites and illegal poker rooms online, are fully supported by him.  He also spoke of the ties to organized crime that these illegal operations may have.

Freedom to Play Online Poker

Congressman Grimm is not against online gambling, he feels that it should be presented in a protected environment where his constituents may exercise their freedoms without the fear of being scammed.  He also stated that he believes that legalized online poker will be a major contributing factor in providing new jobs in the US.

Fair Play USA Petition

As stated by their petition, Fair Play USA fairplayusa believes that Americans that want to play poker online deserve to do so in an industry that is safe and regulated within the United States.  The organization also holds the beliefs that current federal laws are not working.

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