Complaints to the European Commission on Online Gambling Increase

UK Online Gambling LawsComplaints to the European Commission Regarding Online Gambling Increasing

There have been a number of complaints against the European Commission and their stand on online gambling. As a result, they are finally considering new regulations to help maintain consistency in online gambling.

According to EurActiv, there had been a slew of complaints in an attempt to get the EU Service Directive involved, but there had not been any result until now.

Prior to this news each country across Europe had to create and enforce their own gambling laws. These were put into place in an effort to protect members and the countries’ economies from various crimes including money laundering.

Borderless Online Gambling Market

Because each country created their own laws there was no consistency as they varied between each jurisdiction. Sweden in particular has taken a very strict approach in their gambling market, making it illegal to advertise about them.

June of 2010 proved to be a turning point when it came to gambling laws, when it was made possible to ban certain games if they thought it would help in combating fraud.

While many people seem very supportive of the way things are headed others are skeptical about how hard it will to enforce these new rulings with so many different personalities and thoughts about what is best.

Germany is currently aiming to be a minimalist when it comes to setting standards, allowing them to be changed later on in the process and not ruling out banning certain games.

Regulating Online Gambling

According to MEP Jurgen Creutzmann, in regards to the option to ban, the differences between the regulations of each nation are extreme.

Director of Sport for the Finnish MEC, Harri Syvasalmi, is much more optimistic on how everything will turn out, especially in regards to how much room there is for improvement. Syvasalmi acknowledges that similar situations have been attempted unsuccessfully in the past, but if they strive for consistency across the board they may prove more successful than their predecessors.

Other skeptics come in the form of the myriad of betting companies throughout the continent. A representative of Betfair, Malcolm Bruce is encouraged about the potential for regulatory gambling, but thinks it will prove to be a much larger challenge than originally anticipated, citing the advances in technology as a possible setback.

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