Closer, Closer, Legal Online Gambling Much Closer in the US

PokerStarsLegal Online Gambling Much Closer in the US

In a time where Americans have less disposal income, the highest unemployment figures in recent history and are planning on reducing their postal service by 30%, the US Congress may now be bending towards the legalisation of online gambling. Is this a case of too little too late or possibly a case of just in the nick of time?

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Washington insiders are starting to let on that online poker and other games of chance will be the first to be allowed. Right now is a touchy time with the legislation, as individual States could start to pass bills into law on their own. If that should happen (and as we have reported previously, it has been in the works) it could collapse efforts of Congress to pass a sweeping and federally regulated law.

Legalising Online Gambling in the United States

One proponent for legalising online gambling in the United States, Senator Jay Rockefeller, made the suggestion to do so while in discussions for the debt ceiling. The Senator’s idea would span ten years, but would generate billions of dollars of revenue for individual States as well as for the Federal Government.

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