China Sees Increase in Macau Gambling Profits

Macau Casino Revenues 2011

China Sees Increase in Macau Gambling Profits

Macau, China has seen a forty-eight percent spike in gambling revenue from this time last year.  Mainland China continues to flock to the only place in China where it is legal to gamble.  The territory of Macau is home to several foreign casino interests which brings gamblers from around the globe each year.

Macau Gambling Record Breaking Month

Macau continues to have a record breaking year in 2011 raking in billions.  Macau is located only one hour from mainland Hong Kong and is reached by ferry.  Some of the US casinos that have interests there are the Sands, MGM and Wynn Macau.  The biggest gainer this month is the Galaxy Entertainment Group which holds some of the most popular casino interests in Macau; City Clubs Casinos, StarWorld and Galaxy Macau.


Las Vegas

This may continue the streak that Macau has seen in competing for top rankings against the US gambling empire of Las Vegas, which is steadily falling behind in the game against Macau.

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