Cates Not Remorseful for Unethical Use of Accounts

Full Tilt Poker AccountsCates Not Remorseful for Unethical Use of Accounts

Another poker player is embroiled in scandal this month.

Now it’s Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates. Cates is considered to be the up-and-coming poker players in the industry. He is accused of something that is forbidden on all internet poker sites – owning more than one account. Cates has denied these allegations.

However, after his name was linked with other high profile players involved in questionable practices, Cates amended his story. He did admit that he used the accounts of some of his friends – namely Jose Macedo and Haseeb Qureshi – and used the names samchauhan, Toshisan and Girahh, as well as others.

While it is not possible to determine exactly how much Cates made using these accounts, one player, Tyler Smith, claimed that he lost over $40,000 to Girahh, aka Cates. Meanwhile, Cates has refused to return Smith’s money. He also claimed that the practice of using multiple accounts is common in the high stakes poker world.

Cates has offered Smith coaching as a form of compensation for his losses.

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