Casinos look to Increasing their Player Bases

Casinos look to Increasing their Player Bases

In the current era of economic downturn, there are many economic sectors that are suffering massively. There are lay-offs happening all over the place and there are many people around that have just ended up losing their business because the downturn came at a time when they were overextended on a loan. For all of these people, the current state of the economy is horrible and for that reason they can’t wait for the economy to rebound and start getting better once again.

Casino Industry

However, there is at least one industry that does not seem to have problems in this type of economy and that is the casino industry. In fact, it can readily be seen that many of the major casinos in the world today are actually considering expanding their services so that they can attract more customers.

One way in which casinos inLas Vegasare trying to make this expansion is through adding new perks to their loyalty card programs. Now, typically speaking, loyalty programs are used a lot more by people that would consider themselves high rollers than they would be by a member of the general public. If you take a 1% cash back loyalty program and increase that cash back percentage to 2%, the average person that wagers around $100 in the casino during a playing session is not really going to get that much out of it. However, a business executive that is down on their luck may end up wagering millions of dollars as they try to forget about the slow economy and that of course translates into some sweet money for them from the cash back program. Through this method, manyLas Vegas casinos are hoping to attract more executives to play at their facilities.


Many casinos that are located across the United States however have done things that are more populist. For example, there are many casinos around the country that are now offering people free rides to and from the casino. There is a bus that leaves a terminal in one city, goes through several cities of stops and then a few hours later arrives at the casino only to leave again and drop everyone off a few hours later. While a lot of travelling is involved, for most people this is a money-free trip to the casino and if they are lucky they might even get some money to spend on the slot machines while they are there.

Finally, one last trick that people are using to get people to casinos is simply adding new attractions at the casino for people to get interested in. These attractions include things like new restaurants, new games, new slot machines and of course new complimentary services like additional beverages and everything else. Casinos looking to increasing their player bases know instinctively that offering free stuff will allow them to get more gambling money in the long run and that is why this type of outreach program is essential to most casinos during times of economic downturn.


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