Casino Gaming in Monterrey, Nothing to Lose Your Head Over

roulette onlineCasino Gaming in Monterrey, Nothing to Lose Your Head Over

The city of Monterrey was once one of the safest cities in Latin America, but today its safety level in closer to that of Baghdad or Kabul than its previous claim to fame. Over the weekend the city lost one of its largest forms of income in the Win Land Casino. The job of delivering the news to the casino staff fell to three casino inspectors.

The decision to close the casino came after multiple failures to follow zoning and Mexican gambling laws, and the resulting loss of gambling license meant that hundreds of people need to find other employment. Nineteen employees were also arrested for obstruction of justice.
The reason this became such a dangerous endeavour is that the city of Monterrey has recently become the main base for the Gulf Cartel and many of its members. That and a rival cartel, the Los Zetas Cartel has recently expanded into the city as well. In an effort to avoid losing their heads (quite literally) former casino patrons choose instead to play in online Mexican casinos from the safety of their own homes.

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