Canadian Regulates Gambling Using New Methods

Casino NewsCanadian Regulates Gambling Using New Methods

In an effort to stop problem gamblers inCanadathe Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp., or OLG, have come up with a new way to deter them.  Land based casinos are now taking pictures of all of their patrons using facial recognition software.  The cameras that take these photographs are at the entrance to the casino and automatically upload the photos to be scanned by the software, which has already been uploaded with photographs of the problem gamblers.

This new system is currently in effect at nineteen of the 27 casinos in Ontario, and is a huge upgrade from the previous methods that were used.  With those methods, the staff members of the casinos merely made educated guesses of who they believed to be a problem based on actions and behaviors of the customers.  The OLG plans on installing the cameras and software at the remaining casinos and plans to have all of them operational by the end of the year.

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