California Next Battlefield for Online Poker Legalisation

California Online pokerCalifornia Next Battlefield for Online Poker Legalisation

California is the next state pushing to legalise Internet poker. But the coalition of casino owners, who have taken spots on television and radio asking their representatives to support this turn, are meeting with stiff opposition.

Legalise Internet Poker in the US

The group urging the passage of the bill to legalise Internet poker includes Bicycle Club, Hollywood Park Casino, Commerce Casino and the Morongo and San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

The ads focus on the amount of money that could be brought into California coffers by legalising Internet poker. The ads state that more than $250 million would pour in immediately.

Tribes Worried About Lower Revenue

The bill is opposed by other Native America tribes. These tribes have joined the California Tribal Business Alliance. The alliance argues that not only will tribal stakeholders be hurt by the legalisation of internet poker, but so will others, both tribal and non-tribal. They also fear that the legalisation will have a negative impact on the actual physical casinos.

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