Caesars Entertainment Corp Execs Take Bonuses for Slashing Costs

Las VegasCaesars Entertainment Corp Execs Take Bonuses for Slashing Costs

2 million was handed out to executives of Caesars, a company that is swamped in nearly 19 billion in debt. Those that might be incensed by another large American corporation handing out massive bonuses to executives cutting jobs and expenses will be glad to know that the incentive program was built-in to a program to streamline the operations of the company.

Las Vegas Recession

Las Vegas and the entire US is in the middle of one of the worst recession periods in history, college grads can not locate employment even outside of their fields of study and it would be no surprise that large companies like Caesars wish they did not have to report their fiscal activities.

Caesars Entertainment reported first quarter losses of 157.4 million with 726.4 million in net revenue.

Caesars Entertainment has seen a lot of news lately because of the World Series of Poker events held at the Las Vegas Rio, a Caesars Entertainment holding.

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