Bwin Increases Online Casino App Presence with Android Release

Android Mobile Poker App from BwinBwin Increases Online Casino App Presence with Android Release

The online casino app market is ripe for expanding the online gaming presence and online poker presence across the world and bwin is now a bigger part of that market. Bwin recently released their Android mobile poker interface. With the excellent response that the company received with their iPhone release, the natural progression was to port the application for Android mobile users.

Android Smartphone Poker App by Bwin

Android smartphones have already secured a hefty portion of the Western European market and with further releases may eventually overtake other, more popular mobile smartphones, but in the meantime, that growth is expected to be slow and steady. Online poker players are not looking for just any app to connect with their favorite game; online poker players expect the very best in speed, graphics and accountability as they would from a non-mobile interface. It appears that the Android bwin mobile poker app delivers to all points.

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