Blood Suckers Slot Game

Blood Suckers Slot

With big risk comes big reward so are you ready to take on the blood thirsty vampires to claim your prize, or will you allow the creatures of the night to get the better of you? Play if you dare and you will surely be compelled by this amazingly simple yet fun and attractive game.

About Blood Suckers

With its creepy sound effects and animated art work this game really brings the undead to life. With its simple presentation and interface Blood Suckers is a very compelling game making it hard to turn away from. The simple five button interface makes playing an absolute breeze. With the bet line, bet level, coins and coin value all in the convenience of one location at the bottom of the screen this makes for keeping track of all your game information dreadfully satisfying. With fluent movement and simple easy controls how can one go wrong? This is truly a fun game that you can find themselves playing for hours, as long as you don’t mind playing with the undead that is.

Blood Suckers Information

Now that you have picked up your wooden stake and put on your garlic necklace, it is time to make a bet. To make a bet, first choose the coin value of your bet. Obviously the more the coin value is the more your bet will be, but in turn it will diminish the amount of times you can bet more rapidly than if you were to bet with a low coin value. Next, simply choose the bet line or lines that you would prefer to use. The more lines you have chosen the more your bet will be. So if you have 1 line chosen your bet will be 1, if you have 25 lines chosen then your bet will be 25. You then want to choose your bet level.

How to play Blood Suckers

By choosing your bet level this will either double, triple or quadruple your original bet. To spin the slots just push the big green circle in the middle of the interface at the bottom of your screen. “Max Bet” is also an option. By max betting you will bet the most amount possible and have the possibility of winning big, but in turn you risk losing big as well. If you happen to spin three scatter cards you will then be given bonus spins that spin themselves, one after another.


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