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It seems that things are going back to the medieval ages with the newest weekly newsletter of the Blackjack Ballroom internet casino. That is because the latest promotions provided by the casino are the 2 slot games that are medieval themed to the core.

The first promotion will last for a total of six days, starting from the 24th of March to the 29th of March. It has a kind of a hedonistic theme of a Royal Feast. And according to the promotion’s description provided by Blackjack Ballroom internet casino, the players will get to see the Queen and Kings being entertained before they engage in their royal feast. And the casino also promised that with every winning combination, the players will enjoy animation done by the characters of the slot game. As for its symbols, the casino used the traditional scatter and wild symbols. And this promotion of course comes with a bonus. The players who will bet on this game will get a daily bonus of 100 dollars.

Promotions from Blackjack Ballroom

The second promotion is a very short one, as it lasts for only two days, starting from the 24th of March to the 25th of March. And that’s why the casino is advising players to engage in this promotion as quickly as they can in order to take the maximum advantage out of it. The promotion is based on the very famous medieval legend and myth of Robin Hood. His story is very well known to everyone, being the man who took from the rich and gave to the poor. And in the Robin Hood slot game on the Blackjack Ballroom internet casino website, the main heroes of Robin Hood are represented by birds.

For example, Robin Hood is represented by a robin. Maid Miriam is presented by a lovely white bird and they used a pigeon to represent Little John. And the name of the slot game is related to this concept, as it is named Feathers of Fortune. And of course, this game as well comes with a very rewarding bonus. 10 players who used and bet on this Robin Hood’s Feathers of Fortune game will be entitled to win a 100 bucks bonus, these 10 players will be randomly chosen.

These two games, the Robin Hood’s Feathers of Fortune and the Royal Feast has the same terms and conditions. Players will have to put a deposit of 20 dollars minimum to be eligible to engage in these promotions. And as for the bonuses, it must be wagered and used on the online casino to satisfy its wagering requirements before it can be withdrew from the website.

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