Bitcoin casinoWhat are Bitcoins?

Once of the latest trends to take over the internet is the Bitcoin. These Bitcoins have made headlines internationally over the past few years, but many people still have no idea what Bitcoins are. Bitcoins are a form of online currency that have been getting quite a lot of focus recently, and the buzz is expected to increase over this next year. Whether you know about the Bitcoins already, or this is your first time even hearing about them, here are some interesting bits of information that will have you an expert on the subject in no time at all. Bitcoin Casinos

The Bitcoins are a form of digital currency used to make online transactions only. The biggest difference between these Bitcoins and many other types of online currency is that there is no central body controlling or regulating the monies. Without any regulations on the creation or distribution of the money, basically any two people from around the world can make a transaction without the need for bank withdrawals or transaction fees. The money cannot be controlled or confiscated by any governing body because it is virtual cash. The rules by which the Bitcoins are set come from the market, or basically the people who are making the transactions.

These Bitcoins have been in circulation on the internet for a little over five years. The only recently gained worldwide attention because the demand for currency caused the Bitcoins to spike from approximately $13 a piece to well over $1000 a piece in less than a year. The demand for such currency in China seemed to be the driving force behind that huge spike in value per coin, but once China placed regulations on its banks from dealing with Bitcoins, the price fell back to its original level. Even though that was a shock to the system for owners of the Bitcoins who were enjoying a huge spike in the value of their money, like everything else in the financial world, it eventually settles back down. Even though there was a wild ride as far as value, the Bitcoins continue to be a popular form of online currency that many online merchants are starting to focus on more closely.

Bitcoin casinoHow Do Bitcoins Work?

Questions about how Bitcoins work have become more popular in recent months as the online currency has gotten more attention. The best way to describe the entire process is similar to how you conduct business with any other currency like Moneybookers, PayPal, and Dwolla. The only difference between the Bitcoins and all other types of online currency is there are no connections to your bank account. This means you cannot withdraw virtual money from your local ATM machine. To own Bitcoins you have to have a digital wallet. There are numerous websites that offer you the opportunity to open an account and create your own online wallet. When you would like to buy something with the Bitcoins in your digital wallet, you send that money to the sellers Bitcoin digital wallet address. This is usually done over a mobile device. Both parties are issued a receipt and the transaction is completed. Whether you are buying digital products like an e-book or video or tangible goods, once the seller has the Bitcoins they then send you the items you purchased.

The Bitcoins are mined online, similar to how real gold is mined across the country. Using highly sophisticated computers, users try to solve complicated computer algorithms. When a puzzle is solved the person is rewarded with Bitcoins. There is a finite amount of these Bitcoins hidden among thousands of different computer systems, and as they are released slowly into circulation the more people have access to the monies. The threshold for total Bitcoins is around 21 million. There is a limit to the amount that can be mined in a single day, so the expected release of all the Bitcoins is said to be around the year 2140. The supply and demand is the only driving force that controls the value of the individual Bitcoin.

BitcoinsWhat Can Be Purchased With Bitcoins?

The short answer to this question is anything. Anything that can be purchased online has the potential to be purchased with Bitcoins. To expand on that answer however, the seller must be willing to accept Bitcoins in order for a transaction to take place. They are not accepted everywhere you shop online because sellers are not all using this digital form of currency as of yet. It is expected to gain even more popularity this coming year, but basically if you want to purchase something online with Bitcoins you have to find a seller who accepts that form of payment.

With the Bitcoins getting more global recognition lately, it seems more companies are considering accepting the digital cash to try and capitalize on a slow selling year. Giving consumers an alternate way to make purchases, without any bank regulations or government interference appeals to both sellers and buyers. With more coins being added into circulation every day from the mining computers, the opportunity for new companies to allow this form of currency in their stores seems much more appealing.

Bitcoin casinosHow Many Bitcoins Do The Winklevoss Twins Own?

The Winklevoss twins claim that they are in possession of approximately 1% of all the Bitcoins that exist. With recent estimates of the total Bitcoin currency at over a billion dollars, this equates to 11 million dollars for the twins. With a little over 10 million Bitcoins currently being used for online transactions, the Winklevoss twins would then possess about one hundred thousand of the coins. While the price of the Bitcoins has recently gone from $30 to $20, it only took a few days for it to bounce back up to $29 a coin. Considering that the value of the Bitcoins were $15 when the twins began purchasing them, they still are in a pretty good position at the moment.

Casino that Accepts BitcoinsWhat Online Casinos Accept Bitcoins?

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Bitcoin casinoWant To Go Mobile at a Bitcoin Casino?

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What Does Vera and John’s Casino Offer?

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Licensing for the Vera and John’s Casino!

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Bitcoin casinosVera and John’s Casino Care about Their Customers!

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