Betfair Hires Peter Marcus as Director of UK Operations

Online Sports BettingBetfair Hires Peter Marcus as Director of UK Operations

Betfair will see a new Director for their UK operations in October. Peter Marcus, is currently under contract with BetClic Everest Group, but will very soon take over the sizeable task of managing Betfair’s UK gambling interest. Betfair’s UK business is well over fifty percent of its entire revenue generating operations, but Marcus believes that Betfair should “continue to evolve” to meet the growing demand of customers.

Industry Leader in UK Sportsbetting

It is not certain how much more evolving is possible as Betfair is already clearly the industry leader in UK sportsbetting, but Mr. Marcus should know what he is talking about because he has worked with top name gambling operations in his career. Betfair seems to have made an excellent choice in its recent hiring decision and should benefit from Mr. Marcus’s gaming industry experience.

Peter Marcus and Betfair

Chief Commercial Officer, Niall Wass expressed that Mr. Marcus “is a natural fit for Betfair” and in looking forward feels that Mr. Marcus is just what Betfair needs in an “increasingly exciting online (gambling) marketplace”.

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