Bet25 Purchased by Unibet PLC

gambling-news-denmarkBet25 Purchased by Unibet PLC

Unibet PLC, the online gambling group has taken a major market move as it has bought Bet25, the Nordic Betting subsidiary for a stunning 13.5 million Euros. Unibet gambling group which is based in Malta has been planning to take similar steps on order to invade and strengthen its operations and activities within the Danish Market.

Danish Gambling Market

This acquisition over Bet24 is considered a very bold move that would help Unibet PLC’s goal to achieve greatness in the Danish Market. This acquisition is not the first one of its kind; this is the 3rd major acquisition that has been done by Unibet. These 3 major transactions have one thing in common, as they all targeted newly legalized and regulated markets.

It has been announced by Unibet through a statement saying that this acquisition will indeed strengthen the group’s position in the newly regulated market of Denmark. The group also announced through the statement that this move will supply the group with ability to support more investments in order to increase the market share of Unibet in the Danish market and that it will also provide support to Unibet growth and presence in various Nordic areas. Speaking of which, Nordic Betting Ltd gambling has grossed total profit revenue of a total of 10.5 million Euros during last year that ended on the 31st of December.

Unibet Purchases Bet25

Unibet’s plan from the acquisition was also addressed in the statement. It has been stated that Unibet is planning to transfer the clientele base from Bet24 to Unibet. It will also merge all business operations and activities from Bet24 to Unibet.

Not only that, but the group is intending to migrate employees as well, as It was stated by the group that it will be transferring about 45 employees who work at Nordic Betting Ltd into their Maltese operations in accordance with the Maltese regulations and laws when a business transfer occurs. This deal is expected to be completed and done with by the end of the second ¼ of the year 2012.

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