Battleship Slot Game

Battleship Slots

Gamblers and gamers alike often find themselves looking for a new breed of game to strike their fancy. Something with flash, creativity, and a new spin on the drab and boring styles of other games out there. Many gamblers and gamers, as well, who focus their play on the internet and online casinos may know of the IGT developing company, and their famous slot games that have been drawing attention throughout the country. This innovative, new look at slot machines will boost your entertainment while giving you a chance to win big, providing fun, leisure, and cash all in one.

Battleship Theme Slot Game

As said in the title, Battleship Slots is based around a battleship theme, containing features such as battleship based slot tiles, an oceanic, military style soundtrack, along with interesting mini games to play within the game, applied as bonus rounds. One is a form of the long beloved battleship game itself, and the other, a guess and chance with high win stakes and an interesting spin on the usual random number slots.

Battleship: Play slots the way you normally would, converting combined scores into missiles that each hit a different part of your or your opponent’s ship. From x2 matches to x5, each roll lands accordingly on least to most vital areas of the battleship. A few good x5’s, and you can earn bonuses to your pay, or even pay itself with some lucky shots, a good roll, and relaxation as you take the stress of your daily life away.

Slots Jackpot

Guessing: Less based on rolling, and more revolved around the idea of guessing and random chance, this grid like game requires players to select the square they believe the battleship hides beneath, highly resembling the common, childhood game from many pasts and families. Pick the right square, and you can win! The more ships you hit the better as you war against the chance and earn while you play. Each ship gives you more cash, and if you find them all, you win the Battleship Slots Jackpot, a huge payout for a minimal amount of your time, and a load of entertainment.

Mini Games

The game has a set of five columns and three available rows, offering up to twenty five winning lines per round. The play keys include tens, Jacks, Kings, Queens, Aces, Battleships, and a Bonus card, and rise accordingly in payout, from understandingly low to extraordinarily high prizes for every match. And, after all the slots are played and your winnings won, the bonus rounds will send you flying into two extra games of fun, cash, shots, chance, and earnings, giving you that thrill and entertainment needed to rid your life of the daily stress, and take your mind of hardships.

Earn while you have fun, with this great theme, interesting overlay, and set of brilliant music paired behind military speakers, orders, mini games, instructions, and exciting challenges as you wage war against ships on the seas and watch your income flow. What are you waiting for?



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