Another Win in Macau for Casino Investors in the Asian Market

macau-casinosAnother Win in Macau for Casino Investors in the Asian Market

Macau is a place for gamblers and for those that gambled on Macau casino stocks, they are seeing a payout. This makes for another record month for Macau which continues the Macau winning streak over last years revenue figures.

Macau Gambling

The Chinese province is the only area where gambling is legal which has turned out to be a saving grace for some of the major US casinos. While players in the US have nearly abandoned Las Vegas gambling during their period of slow economic growth and slow to no job growth; American casinos that have Macau interests have managed to hold on.

Financial experts recommend buys for casino stock from the major US players in the Macau market, but also warn that growth may slow over the next few weeks.

More Casino Money in the Asian Market

Universal Entertainment Corp. a Japanese company has planned to open casino and hotel properties in the Philippines. The Manila projects will potentially gain the company over $2B and is slated for completion by year’s end 2013. The company plans to expand their Pachinko business into the casino industry and is now looking for investors to join their Manila project.

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