Anaheim to Las Vegas High Speed Train in the Works

Anaheim to Las Vegas High Speed Train in the Works

It is a project that has been discussed frequently at meetings between representatives for both cities. It is a project that has been discussed frequently at meetings between representatives for both states. It is even a project that has been argued about between the two parties in the federal government and up until just a few days ago it was thought by most that it is a project that was killed before it even got to the drawing table and would not be coming back anytime soon. As the old saying goes however, that was then and this is now as it seems as though the project for a high speed train in theLas Vegas to Anaheim corridor has really become a big reality between the states of Nevada and California.

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Governor Jim Robbins who is the Governor of Nevada and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who is the Governor of California both had a meeting to discuss the project a few days ago and it appears from the report that was generated about that project that the train idea is one that they are willing to go ahead with. If they do go ahead with the idea, they could cut down the length of time for a trip from Anaheim to Las Vegas in as little as an hour and a half, which would essentially make both cities suburbs of each other. The idea is a brilliant one from the point of view of tourism as well as there are many people from California that travel to Las Vegas on a regular basis and these people would then be able to go ahead and have a lot of fun in Las Vegas with an easy way to get there and back again.

The train project would work through a process known as magnetic levitation, which is a process that does exactly what the name implies. Through the use electromagnetism and the creation of magnetic fields, a maglev train actually travels from one spot to another through the magnetic field. No contact with the tracks is actually necessary and in actuality the train does hover slightly off the ground throughout the entirety of the trip. Maglev technology is still in its infancy at the current moment in time, but even with the low technological level that maglev has at the moment it can still produce trains that are capable of traveling at speeds of 300 mph.

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According to the budgets that have been done for this project, the overall cost of the creation of a maglev train between Anaheim and Las Vegaswould be about $12 billion. The people that are in favor of the train’s creation argue that the construction jobs, environmental impact assessment jobs and eventual operational jobs that would be created through the train project would be a brilliant way to spend stimulus money, although people detract from this opinion and argue that the maglev train is nothing but a pork barrel project that will not benefit the economy until after the recession has already passed.

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