All Aboard the Mobile App Train with Betfair

Betfair Mobile Gaming AppAll Aboard the Mobile App Train with Betfair

Mobile gambling works for some casino operators and for other it is sorely lacking in acceptance. Betfair is one of those operators that are seeing great results in the mobile gambling app sector and because of this, they have decided to spend a good portion in their app development. Recent upgrades made to their mobile app, Betfair Touch now adds live scores, faster response times and improved in app search and betting. The iPhone version of the app gives players the ability to withdraw or deposit real wagers using several means of payment options.

Betfair has it right because they listen to their customers. While other casinos ask for feedback, most often it is not applied to actual development or upgrades. Betfair listened to its mobile customers and have added the functionality that players felt would most keep them using the app.

Betfair reports that it is up quite a bit in customers using the mobile app. Nearly 170,000 players use the Betfair mobile app and the company expects more to download and start playing this year.

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