Accused Charity Gambling Scam Defendants Appear In Court

The alleged charity gambling scam defendants in Florida have appeared in federal court this week as reported by the Associated Press.  A non-profit gambling organization that has the design to raise money for veterans is involved in this case.  The organization was caught in March for reportedly running a criminal enterprise in which to make the owners rich.

The lieutenant governor of Florida has resigned in result of this scandal but has not been accused of doing anything wrong.  Sixty people have been taken into custody as a result of this case.  $300 million was profited by Allied Veterans over a four year span, but is reported to have donated about $6 million to charity.  The authorities are reporting that a portion of the money has been spent on purchases such as oceanfront property, boats and high-end cars such as Ferraris, Maserati and Porsches.

The charges are including conspiracy, racketeering, possession of slot machines and money laundering.  Gambling in general has been restricted by the state of Florida but are still allowing tribal gambling and wagering being offered by charities.  The mission of the Allied Veterans’ is reported to be a first responder organization, help like veterans and other needy charitable organizations, by offering money, support services and contributing time.  A public relations firm that was doing business with Allied Veterans is reported to be co-owned by Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll.  She was also seen in a commercial for said organization in 2011 as reported by the Associated Press.  She was not charged by investigators, only brought in for questioning.

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