AB2578 How One US State Battles for Online Gambling

US Online GamblingOne online gambling bill that has been fighting to pass legislation has finally done so in the state level.  New Jersey State Senator Ray Lesniak was recently successful in making it through this first barrier and is now awaiting to see how it will go before the entire Senate on the last day of May.

This bill, known more widely as AB2578, has had a few changes made to it since it was originally introduced, but this is not uncommon.  Last week several news reports had made note of what some of these changes were, but there seems to have been more drastic changes since then, though these were not readily available.  Section 37 of the bill will be the most important to those looking to operate an online gambling site, specifically those like PokerStars and the other companies that were involved in the Black Friday scandal.  Any one of those sites, or any site, that has records of accepting bets from US players after December 31, 2006 will not be eligible to receive an online gambling license in the state of New Jersey.  This was carefully worded to prevent any loopholes, but there is a provision that will allow any applicant the ability to get a waiver.

These amendments are not being backed very strongly by a number of legislative members who are very pro-online gambling, but those that strongly support gambling in land based casinos are more than happy with it, as it was written to help protect those groups, unless they are willing to create such a site themselves and partner with a group that is already successful, like Bwin Party.

A poll taken by Farleigh Dickinson University was recently released that showed that more than half of the population of New Jersey strongly opposed the legalization of online gambling, and that a mere third is actually in favor.  When it comes to placing bets on sporting events, however, the tables were turned with more than 60% supporting it and only a quarter being against. The other percentages of the population were undecided at the time of the poll.  Also noted was that more women than men opposed online gambling, and only those under the age of 30 seemed to strongly support it.  What this says is that while online gambling will help to increase the revenue in the state, the overwhelming majority don’t think it’s a good fit.

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