A Word or Two for Mr.Obama from Las Vegas CEO Steve Wynn

Steve WynnA Word or Two for Mr.Obama from Las Vegas CEO Steve Wynn

Mr. Wynn stated in a conderence call on Monday that President Obama is stunting the growth of business in terms of progression and job growth. Mr. Wynn is not alone in denouncing the President’s policies towards the economy and the job market, the difference is that Mr. Wynn was formerly a supporter of Mr. Obama’s administation and a Democrat. Mr. Wynn even went as far as to make a correlation between President Obama’s redistribution rhetoric and that of “pure socialists”.

Steve Wynn may be speaking his personal feelings about the policies of the Obama adminstration and the current economic client, but many agree with Mr. Wynn. Those that agree are not just American workers, but are also heads of major companies such as 3M, Intel, Boeing, GE and Home Depot. This is not the first time Mr. Wynn has been outspoken about his beliefs on the administration. Back in April, Mr. Wynn denounced the government as irresponsible on the Neil Cavuto show.

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