A-Rod Embroiled in a Poker Scandal

A-Rod Embroiled in a Poker Scandal

A-Rod’s at it again. Alex Rodriguez has been accused of participating in underground – i.e. illegal – poker games.

After returning to the Yankees lineup after spending six weeks on the disabled list after having surgery on his right knee, Rodriguez is now dealing with accusations that he took part in underground poker games in Beverly Hills during 2009.

Illegal Poker Games

A-Rod has yet to speak with baseball commissioner Bud Selig about the accusations, printed in Star Magazine. However. Rodriguez claims that the allegations are false and wants to put this entire situation behind him.

The allegations not only include participating in illegal poker games, but also organizing his own games and using thugs to intimidate players.
Rumor has it that the illegal games also included such luminaries as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio. Much of this came to light when Maguire was sued in order to reclaim $311,200 in losses from the games.

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