A Business Look at the 2011 WSOP Tournament, Ty Stewart

Ty StewartA Business Look at the 2011 WSOP Tournament, Ty Stewart

The World Series of Poker® is obviously not some backroom poker tournament, but very well could have been without the leadership involved to make the World Series of Poker® the household name that it is.  Ty Stewart, Executive Director of the World Series of Poker® is one of those leaders that makes the annual tournament, the massive undertaking and enthralling event that it is.  Mr. Stewart oversees everything from licensing, sponsorship, television to even some of the more minute details of the event.

WSOP Circuit Events

Stewart is the man responsible for making the WSOP Circuit events, as we know now them, possible when he completely overhauled them and created the upcoming European event happening this October.  Ty Stewart, is be no means new to the industry, has served Caesars Entertainment for six years and has received numerous recognitions as a leader and innovator in business.

WSOP Tournament

We’d like to extend kudos to Ty Stewart for this year’s exciting 2011 WSOP Tournament events happening now.  Ty Stewart and all those that make this event happen annually have a superior dedication to the players and fans and make poker the amazing spectacle and challenge that it is today.

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